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Silicone Ring






1-ACTIVE LIFESTYLE - CrossFit, lifting, biking, running, climbing, trekking? No more bulky metallic rings getting in the way. Enjoy our 8.7mm silicone rings comfortability through any activity .

2-TRENDY APPAREL – Chosen as one of the hottest trends in 2016, the silicone wedding bands provide an amazingly stylish alternative for your traditional wedding band and shows your unique personality.

3-TOP GRADE QUALITY - Highest grade hypoallergenic silicone - Will not stretch in time. To keep your ring finger safe from jamming, pinching, or catching, our wedding bands designed to brake away if extreme pressure is applied
GIFT IDEA - The perfect gift idea for father’s day, anniversary, birthday, weddings and more.

Package include:
7 * Silicone Rings(8.7mm Width,1.5mm Thick)