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Wine stopper

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Product Description



Considering the standard size of the wine bottles in manufacturing industry, we choose the 18.5mm as the default parameter for the neck of bottles.

Model: WS-01 Material: zinc alloy +silicone+chrome plated Overall weight: 80 g Size: height 7.5cm/2.95in, base diameter 4.0cm/1.57in

Why and how to use it? When you open a new bottle of wine and normally the cork used to hardly be put back, or distorted ugly even you did it, so this lovely handiwork can be perfectly replace the traditional wine cork when you want to keep the wine fresh and you just insert it and pull it out easily and definitely elegant!

Why and how to keep it clean? We care about the design of the wine stopper, the comfortable experience of the stopper, and everything good about this item especially the usage environment of it, so we choose the high elasticity and top food grade of the silicon gel as material to produce the key component on it, each time you finish a bottle of wine, we recommend you take the silicone ring out of the metal framework and use the clean water to wash it, and then install it back.



We think the chosen of cups and bottles are vital for wine lovers, so we combined these two factors to make our wine stopper to be very special than any other ones in the market!



Our wine stopper casted by a shaped mould,
then after 20 steps of processing and chrome plated,
it turns out to be pretty and practical!                                                      

Good Weight Holding it

The whole body full of metal, and the weight reach up to 80g, not like other

wine stopper in the market made of cheap plastic and other synthetic material!

Unique Structure

This part of wine stopper made of high food-grade silicone, no smell, good strength and good tenacity;there are 5 layers on the surface, different diameters layers of this part results of nice compactness of the bottle's mouth




Easy to Clean

We take sanitation of tools related to food as a vital issue at the first of creating it, 

buyers are able to peel the silicone off to wash it and keep it clean!



Nice Package

In addition to suit for the exquisite wine stopper, buyers may need a nice package

to take it as a gift to give the people you loved!


Product Description: 
【Perfect Fresh Keeping】:100% Airtight seal - The wine bottle stopper is anti-leakage with inner silicon material,keeping wine tasting fresh up to one week and maintain the wine natural flavor. 
【Premium material】: These Wine Stoppers are produced from chrome,zinc alloy and Food grade silica Gel, you would not worry about the leaking when you place your opened wines back in your wine chiller in the side lying position. 
【Easy Operation】: Just insert the stopper into the bottle 
【To prevent drip】: Safely store your bottles sideways without a second thought with our reusable wine seal.  Simply pop it in,push the lever, and store it however you see fit. 
【Compact Size】: Vacuum Wine Stoppers is pretty small in size, it's good for traveling and present as a gift, it can be used for different events, wine tastings, festivals, wine bars, restaurants, houses etc. 
【What You Will Get】: Our products come with a 60-day money-back guarantee. If you don't like our products for any reason at all, just feel free to contact us and you will get 100% money back.